Други састанак Радне групе

2nd Meeting of the Working Group

At the Second Meeting of the Working Group held on 31 January 2020, it was decided to include persons seeking asylum and asylum holders into the pilot project activities.

As a result, an internet application will be developed for the migrants which will enable them to access to all the important information on the rules, procedures and rights to education and employment. Also, the application is to contain important links of relevance for job searching, including contacts and news.

Further, the Working group members have decided that a leaflet/bulletin is required to provide essential information on education and employment, including important contacts. They will be printed in larger numbers and disseminated within a larger number of centres in cooperation with the Commissariat for Refugees and Migrants.

Info-days in Krnjača and Banja Koviljača will be organized under the pilot project, to inform migrants on the rules, procedures and rights of employment and the related role of the National Employment Service.

Taking into account the demand in the labour market the results of the research and professional interests of the asylum-seekers the activities of the pilot project will consist also of the trainings organized for the asylum holders and seekers in Belgrade and Banja Koviljača. Following the outcomes of recent research and due to unfavourable logistic conditions, it has been decided to deliver IT training programmes and the Serbian language classes. Members of the Working group concluded that providers of the referred to services will be sought among the organizations that can respond to the outcomes of a market research. The next meeting is scheduled for late February 2020.