Final conference

Final conference

On April 14, 2021, the final conference of the Fast Track Action Boost Project was held. The conference was a one-day online event. It consisted of a plenary session and thematic sessions.

It was the opportunity to summarize the results of all project activities. During the thematic sessions, each partner / country had the opportunity to talk about the experiences of the pilot projects they implemented, while participants were given the opportunity to ask questions and actively participate. Thus, the thematic sessions had the following names:

Belgrade | Learnings from Asylum App

Berlin | Learnings from JobBoost

Madrid | Learnings from FAB

Milan | Learnings from IFX

Stockholm | Learnings from The Neighborhood Mothers

Vienna | Learnings from ComPare

In the last part of the plenary session, the moderators presented the most interesting facts and conclusions from the thematic sessions, as well as the key messages of the FAB.